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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcoming New ROCKers family

CSS Rock Family

Shalom, we are CSS ROCK. Good news, on 3 July 2011 after the Sunday Mass, we had our gathering to welcome new ROCKers family, mainly IPTHO teachers & UTHM diploma student. 11 ROCKers family joined us during the gathering, some of them unavailable for some reason but it was a blast & we have lunch, Praise & Worship, Ice Breaking, CSS Introduction & Video session. There's a lot of work need to be done this semester, and the next welcoming gathering will be on september when the Degree Students come for the new semester. It'll be a great challenge for 2011/2012, but we'll face it as a family and Grow together in the Unity & Love of GOD. GOD bless!



New ROCK family member


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