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Thursday, November 10, 2011

CSS ROCK Sportday 2011/2012

Shalom, we are ROCKers, on 5 November 2011, we held a Sportday, this event were opened for all Christian from Batu pahat, some members from UCF also joined us to support this event, it was another blessed day, the winners bring some prizes including MacD voucher. :D. GOD bless!

CSS ROCK Camp 2011/2012

Shalom, on 21-23 October 2011, we had our 2nd ROCK Camp, the theme of the camp is Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the faith. It was a 'Santai' camp, relaxing and no stress, we learned a lot of new things, and after the camp, we are planted with new knowledge and we want to share the blessings with others so that it will bear fruit. ROCK Camp ROCK! GOD bless.

Malacca Johor Film festival 2011

We won the Best Editor Award
CSS ROCk with Mallacca CSS's

Shalom, we are ROCKers, on the Malacca Johor Film Festival 2011, CSS ROCK won the best editor award, Praise be to GOD. Hopefully on the next MJFF we'll be sending more team. GOD bless.!

Welcoming New Intake 2011/2012

Shalom, we are ROCKers, we held a fellowship to welcome the new ROCK family 2011/2012, many ROCKers come to support and welcome their new family. We had ice breaking, praise & worship and etc. It was another blessed day.

ROCK Cultural Mass 2011/2012

Shalom, we are ROCKers, every year, we are given a chance to serve the Holy Mass on Sunday at St Henry Church, this session, we had our Cultural Mass on 18 September 2011, the mass going smoothly, Praise the Lord, almost all ROCKers came to give support by joining the choir and serve as a warden, reader and etc. Thanks be to GOD. GOD bless.


Penutup Bulan Rosari
Yang hadir
Yang makan. HAHA

Shalom, we are ROCKers, on the month of October we celebrate the month of rosary by rosary prayers at two house, Kelly house and Ranggu house. It was a blessed day for us as we pray to Mother Mary for our intention and for CSS ROCK. we ROCK. GOD bless.!

CSS ROCK Prayer Meeting 2011/2012

Sis Tina Birthday
New Family

Shalom, Here we are, ROCKers, this is our 2nd Prayermeeting, on that day ,we met some new ROCKers and get to know each other, It was another blessed day and for your information, we are having our Prayer meeting once in two weeks at St Henry Church. GOD bless!