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Monday, May 3, 2010

Southern Syiok, SS2010

Program: Southern Syiok, SS 2010
Theme: Berbuahlah
Venue: Majodi Plentong, Johor Bahru
Date: 15 - 18 September 2010

1. Melahirkan generasi yang berdisiplin, berpengtahuan, dan berkemahiran dalam pelayanan bersama Kristus.
2. Menerima dan berkongsi cinta kasih Kristus.
3. Memperkasakan asas dan memperkuatkan iman kita terhadap Tuhan.

Program Fee: Rm40
The total expenses for a participant from Malacca is Rm115 and Johor Bahru is Rm95 for 4 days and 3 night in Majodi. Help is needed from each C.S.S to do fund-raising activities to support the program. Each C.S.S are expected to contribute Rm100 to support the program.

Registration due date: 15 June 2010

Members of C.S.S R.O.C.K please be informed about this program and please inform other friends. Sama-samalah kita join untuk memeriahkan program ini. Registration from css member is through our Css President. For Rock members please contact:

Name: Joey Aiiko
Contact Number: 019-8408033

Spread the news! Together we make this program a success. Take this as one of the path we must take to Reach Out for Christ Kingdom. ^^ Semua sama-sama join ya! Bha, detail tu setakat ini saja. Terima Kasih semua.GBU.

P/s: For those who's interested to read the tentative First Draft Southern Syiok, Click [here]

Best Regard:

Css Rock

Catholic Student Society Malacca- Johore Campus Ministry

Catholic Student Society Malacca- Johore Campus Ministry

To New Intake 2010/2011

Far From Family Members?
Travel Alone? Don't know where to go?
Need guidance to your college or Universiti?
Don't worry@ We are ready to help you.
Just Contact Us:

Click on the image above to enlarge.

Catholic Student Society - Reaching Out to Christ Kingdom (C.S.S R.O.C.K)
(UTHM and ADTEC, Batu Pahat, Johor)

Contact detail:

President: Joey Aiiko Ronald
Contact Number: 019-8408033

Feel free to contact us. We welcome all of you and see you soon. ^^

Best Regard:

Css Rock.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

August Rush

Title: August Rush
Director: Kirsten Sheridan
Story: Nick Castle, Paul Castro

This is a very inspiring movie. So i just want to share this with you all. It was first introduce to us by our Css Rock President, Joey Aiiko.


There's music in the wind and sky. Can you hear it? And there's hope. Can you feel it? The boy called August Rush can. The music mysteriously draws him, penniless and alone, to New York City in the quest to find - somehow, someway - the parents separated from him years earlier. And along the way he may also find the musical genius hidden within him.

August Rush is a part romance, part gentle fantasy, but this sweet drama is all heart. When young cellist Lyra (Keri Russell) and rock musician Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) meet at a party in the mid 1990s, its love at first sight, and they spend the night in each other's arm. But Lyla'a father forces them apart, even through she later learns she's pregnant. Later, an accident lands Lyla in the hospital, and through her father tells her that her baby died, the child survives and is given up for adoption. August Rush jumps to the present and begins to follow Evan (Freddie Highmore), an 11 year old who has grown up in a boys' home. As Evan embarks on a crusade to find his parents, he imagines he can communicate with them through his gift for music. His journey to New York City brings him into contact with Wizard (Robin WIlliams), a man eager to capitalize on the child prodigy's talent. Wizard gives Evan the name August Rush as he begins performing all over the city, but the boy's ultimate goal is to find the parents he has never met. He's a gifted young actor, and this emotional story is the perfect venue for his acting.

Best Regards:

Css Rock

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Southern Syiok, SS 2010

Program: Southern Syiok, SS 2010
Theme: Berbuahlah
Venue: Majodi Plentong, Johor Bahru
Date: 15 - 18 September 2010

Tentative 1st draft:

Click on the image if you wish to enlarge. To download the pdf format please click [here].

P/s: This is suggestion from Program Committee as discussed during Program Committee meeting, 11 April 2010. Please give your feedback and comment regarding this tentative before 1st May 2010 so that improvement can be done. Interested participant please be alert, update on this program will be done in the coming days.

Southern Syiok application form. Click on this image if you wish to enlarge. To download the pdf format please click [here].

Stay tune for the latest update on this program.

Best Regard:

Css Rock